A three-part video series pitting Jalopnik commenters face-to-face with their online comments about the new Ford Fusion in an...unexpected...way

Client: Studio@Gawker, The Gawker Media Group
With: Damon Productions, John Duah, Rutledge Wood

Our Role

Tiny Toy Car worked with Gawker Media to manage this program from concept through completion. Working with Gawker Media's sales team, founder Ray Wert developed the concept for The Fusion Project to pitch to Ford creative agency Team Detroit.

After winning the program, Tiny Toy Car worked with Studio@Gawker to develop the story line for each of the three videos. We then brought in Top Gear host Rutledge Wood to star in the series, and give our six Jalopnik commenters the surprise of their lives when they were flown out to Los Angeles to come face-to-face with their comments to see what they really thought about the all-new Ford Fusion.

On-site, Tiny Toy Car assisted in managing the video production with creative director Mallory McMorrow, director Tim Damon and members of Team Detroit. 

Following production, Tiny Toy Car led the development and execution of the earned media strategy for the series, garnering stories in Road & Track, Business Insider, AdWeek, Car & Driver, FStoppers and Fox News. On Jalopnik, Tiny Toy Car led participation in the comments section from host Rutledge Wood, Ray Wert, and the Jalopnik commenters who participated in the program.

All photography provided by John Duah

I think this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in the online community. You comment on a post and get selected to discuss the article in person with the influential people in the automotive world. It takes the Blogger and Commenter relationship to a whole new level.

Hat tip to Jalopnik...for this awesome project. I can’t wait for future articles like this to come out.
— KamikazePigeon, Jalopnik commenter


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